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Unleash Your Potential


To empower financial advisors to achieve their full potential by providing them with the tools and strategies they need to grow their business while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


To establish Unleashed as the leading coaching service for financial advisors, continually refining our coaching strategies to stay relevant in changing markets, and maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.


We believe in the power of coaching and the significant role it plays in the growth and success of a business. With the right guidance, financial advisors can transform their careers and achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives.

True leaders create more leaders


Almost half of the actions you perform each day aren’t actual decisions, but habits. 

Habit: Work out.

Result: Get fit.

Habit: Eat junk.

Result: Get fat.


Habit Loop (Trigger - Routine - Reward)

Habits create neurological cravings: A behavior rewarded by the release of “pleasure” chemicals in the brain. 

  1. Trigger: A location, a time of day, certain people, an emotional state

  2. Routine: Watching TV, smoking, eating chocolate, biting your nails

  3. Reward: The pleasure chemicals released in the brain because of the routine.

The habit loop is reinforced because of the reward. Over time it becomes automatic.

When a habit is created, the brain stops fully participating in decision making.

By using the habit loop to your advantage, I can transform your life and Unleash your potential. 

The process is simple. Working together we can replace your bad habits with good ones. 

The science works like this:

Use the same cue but change the routine. Doing this will provide the same reward to the brain and thus you will develop a new habit over time. 


  • Almost half of the actions you perform each day are habits. 

  • Habits are powerful due to neurological cravings. 

  • Habits work through the habit loop: 1: Cue, 2: Routine, 3: Reward. 

  • When a habit emerges, the brain stops fully participating in decision making. 

  • Take control of your habits: Your brain can’t tell the difference between good and bad habits. 

  • Produce the right changes: 1: Use the same cue 2: CHANGE THE ROUTINE! 3: Provide the same reward.

  • Transform your life and Unleash your potential in all areas of your life

What small step can you take today that will put you on the path toward something wonderful?


I am on a mission to inspire and empower Financial Advisors to Unleash their potential and improve humanity worldwide. 

Not just for today, but for generations.




-Ermos Erotocritou


People are often restrained in many areas of their life. They remain in toxic relationships, trudge to jobs they are not passionate about, and feel trapped in bodies they are ashamed of. Many are held back by negative mindsets. Their lives are on autopilot with no clear trajectory, and they are simply going through the motions. I want you to believe that you can overcome any challenge, heal, and UNLEASH the power you never knew you had. It is your duty and obligation to share this unlimited potential with the world. By reading my story, my wish for you is that I inspire you to do this for yourself: become Unleashed.

Ignite Book

Testimonials & Endorsements

"Ermos first response to a question or a problem is always "Yes". I mean that in the best way possible. Whatever we were working on, we always started with a yes. To me that was the best sign of his leadership. He always looked at an issue from the perspective of the clients first, then helped in whatever way possible to come up with a solution. That type of thinking is rare and I appreciated it. I am sure that the people he works with in the future will come to see this right away."
Scott Syrja, CFP, RRC, CPCA, CIM  
Executive Financial Consultant 




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Research shows that people default to "average". When underachievers were told they were below average, they raised their performance to the average. This makes sense as most people do not want to be below average. However when people were told they are above average, their performance as a group dropped to be more in line with the average. This book will teach you how to overcome your fears by stepping outside your comfort zone and into a life of purpose. 

You will learn 5 life lessons, 6 actionable tips and 9 simple daily routines that will Unleash your potential and change your life forever. Don't aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference!

My Book


Ermos spent 25 years as a Senior Executive with a proven record of exceptional accomplishment in the field of finance.

Ermos is driven, ambitious, dedicated to continuous improvement and focused on the betterment of humanity.

As a visionary leader, Ermos is known for coaching and mentoring people to achieve maximum results with proven systems.

Ermos has been consistently recognized for performance excellence and for his contributions to the success of others. Ermos is an impactful, confident public speaker with a genuine passion for sharing knowledge while simultaneously being approachable, helpful, and inspirational.

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